Join Telegram is a new BTC-futures exchange with:

  • Rebates for makers and takers
  • Built-in bots and strategies
  • Trade-mirroring (free)
  • 1-second chart
  • Break-even stop-loss
  • No funding fee
  • Staking: up to 0.3% daily
  • 1-click trading

Zero trading fees

We have entirely got rid of the trading fees and funding fees

No overloads

We process thousands of trades per sec.without any overloads

Bots and strategies

Built-in customizable bots can make you money while you sleep


We are the first exchange to offer 2FA both via Telegram and Google


You can follow most successful traders and copy their trades


We offer fast and easy way to trade via Telegram

The DIGEX token

You will get DIGEX tokens for free for your trading activity as rebates

Risk management

Built-in tools make it a lot harder to lose much in each trade

Trade battles

You can create a trade battle and invite familiar traders to participate


You can set up templates to launch a strategy with 1 click


Large orders can be transmitted to other exchanges via API

Passive income

Get passive income with staking (up to 0.4% daily)

Crypto derivatives exchanges compared

Digex Bitmex Deribit Bybit Binance
Trading without overloads
Leverage of up to 125x
Makers rebates for limit orders
Takers rebates for market orders
Built-in bots for auto trading
Built-in mirror-trading
Several long or short positions simultaneously for 1 contract
Trading without KYC
You can trade via Telegram
Automatic stop-losses when in brake-even
Auto-trading using levels, indicators, squeeze-bot
Take-profits with multiple orders
1-click trades from orderbook
Strategy templates
High passive income from staking without liquidation risk
1-30 seconds chart
Digex Bitmex Deribit Bybit Binance

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why is it much simpler to make money in Digex than in other exchanges?

It is much easier for an ordinary trader to make money in than in other exchanges, thanks to:

✅ no trade fees and no funding, but rebates to all traders (both makers and takers)

✅ ease of trading - you can open trades with 1 click from the orderbook, while take-profit and stop-loss are set automatically

✅ trade automation. Its level surpasses the capabilities of any exchanges and automated services and does not require API. Break-even stop-losses, anti-slippage system etc.

✅ 5-15 seconds chart, indispensable for scalping. Digex traders see trends much earlier than their counterparts on other exchanges

✅ the possibility of earning passive income with staking (up to 0.5% per day) and trade-mirroring

The Digex exchange allows users to earn profits whether cryptocurrency prices rise or fall, offering leverage up to x125 (125x leverage means that if you place an order and the price goes in predicted direction by 1%, your profits will be 125% of your order amount).

Our main competitor is the largest derivatives exchange Bitmex, known for its overloads during the strong bitcoin movements, which brings great losses to its traders. We invite all Bitmex traders (as well as users of other exchanges) to give our exchange a try.

In addition, our exchange plans to attract to the cryptocurrency market millions of new users, who have never used cryptocurrencies before, but learn from their friends who have started to use our exchange and were impressed by the functionality, simplicity and favorable conditions for traders.

The basics: what is a perpetual contract, strategy, position, order, funding, stop-loss, liquidation?

The basics:

Perpetual contract is a derivative product that is similar to a traditional futures contract, but with no expiry or settlement. All margin on Digex is denominated in Bitcoin. When trading in Digex or another derivatives exchange, you do not buy or sell Bitcoin, but speculate on the future value of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The perpetual contract rate is close to the bitcoin rate on spot exchanges (such as Binance) due to funding (if the exchange rate deviates, the funding changes in the necessary direction so that the perpetual contract rate moves closer to the price on spot exchanges). Digex does not charge funding fees, but motivates traders to open more long or short positions by offering differentiated rebates.

Strategy in Digex is a task to buy or sell a contract under a user-predifined conditions. When creating a strategy, you predefine under what conditions or prices the system should open a trade, how many orders to send, what percentage of deposit to use, how to close a profitable trade (take-profits, stop-losses and other settings). A strategy can be one-time or cyclic (which sends new orders to open a position after the trade or it's part is finished), like a bot.

Position - a number of contracts bought as part of a strategy in one direction or another (long or short). A position is opened and closed using one or more orders.

Order is an application to buy or sell a certain number of contracts at a certain price. Orders can be opening or closing, limit (orders received in the order book that create liquidity) or market orders. Passive limit orders can only be placed in the order book and filled by other market orders or active limit orders. Active limit orders can be placed in the order book and can act as market orders (if they can fill an existing limit order in the order book) but with no slippage. All take-profits in Digex are limit active orders.

Stop-loss is an order to close a position when certain user-defined conditions occur. In the Digex exchange, there are only market stop-losses, and they have priority over opening orders. Break-even stop-loss is set after the position has reached a certain profit, in order to automatically close the position if the price will reverse and go in the opposite direction. "Stop-loss near liquidation" is placed before the liquidation price to avoid losing 0.5% maintenance margin. If the price goes very fast towards your liquidation price and there is not enough liquidity in the order book, there is a risk that your stop-loss will not be activated before liquidation and your position will be liquidated. This is a reason we recommend to place stop-loss further from the liquidation price and use for your trade only a small part of your deposit (for example, 5% of your deposit).

Liquidation - if the current index price reaches your liquidation price, the position will be force-closed with a 100% loss, while you lose the share of the deposit allocated for this strategy. Liquidation in Digex is a very rare case (unlike exchanges like Bitmex) due to the fact that most of created strategies have a stop-loss, automatic break-even stop-loss, and slippage is rare due to the anti-slippage system (priority of stop loss over market orders used to open position).

How does Digex make money if there is no trade commission?

The main source of profit of the Digex exchange is Withdrawal fee. Withdrawal fee is equal to tx fee (transaction fee for withdrawal of funds) plus commission for withdrawal of profit (if there is profit). Profit is calculated by the formula: total amount of withdrawals minus total amount of initial deposits. Given that on ordinary futures exchanges more than 80-90% of users do not earn, but lose money in the long run, this method of charging fees is much more profitable and fair for the users. Unlike other exchanges, Digex does not earn anything from users who don't have any profit. Therefore, the exchange is interested that the user earns profit, because only in this case the exchange will be able to earn commission from withdrawn profit. If the user already has profit from trades, but has so far withdrawn less than his initial deposit, the exchange will not charge a withdrawal fee, giving the user an opportunity to use the profit for trades and increase his capital until withdrawal.

In addition to Withdrawal fee, the exchange can earn on additional services: mirror trading (currently no fees), some subscription fee for bots and advanced options (currently no fees), commissions for fiat deposits and withdrawals. When paying with DIGEX tokens (including those received free of charge for executing limit and market orders of for sign up), the exchange provides a 50% discount on Withdrawal fee, which is 10% off. So if you deposit 1 btc and withdraw 1 btc, you will not pay any withdrawal fee for your profit. If you deposit 1 btc and withdraw 2 btc, you will pay 0.1 btc (in DIGEX tokens) as a withdrawal fee for your profit.

How are built-in bots in Digex different from third-party bots?

Currently, a number of trading bots for different exchanges are offered for a monthly or one-time fee. Most of their algorithms are quite primitive and often end up draining the deposit. Bot creators are not interested in increasing your profits, because they receive money (for buying a bot or a monthly fee) regardless of your result.
Here are the differences between bots built into Digex and similar bots:

1) You don't need to create API keys. This means that there is no risk of theft of API keys and the associated risks
2) The bots built into Digex are free (currently).
3) The third-party bot can freeze or stop working, our developers are ready to react almost instantly if such situation happens with built-in bots in Digex
4) You don't need to install anything on your computer and keep it turned on (compared to desktop bots)
5) The bots built into Digex run on the same high-performance servers as the exchange itself, so all transactions are executed faster
6) Digex bot algorithms are much more advanced than the primitive rules of standard bots
7) Ease of use is incomparable - setting up a bot in Digex interface takes just minutes
8) Many bots require a large deposit in the exchange to work, Digex bots can work with any deposits
9) We will compensate users if any bot errors occur, this motivates developers to constantly improve algorithms. No third-party bot will be able to offer such conditions.
10) The bots built into Digex are constantly being improved and refined by the exchange development team.

What advantages does Digex have over Bitmex?

1) Bitmex is known to get overloaded during high volatility of Bitcoin while there are no such issues in Digex.

2) Bitmex charges enormous commissions for market orders. Digex charges no commissions for any type of orders, period. Instead, Digex provides rebates to takers and makers.

3) While trading in Bitmex traders often encounter insane slippage. In Digex we developed an “anti-slippage” system that gives priority to closing stop-losses and thereby drastically reduces slippage.

4) Automated trading. In Bitmex you will need to manually create each order to open and close a position, you need to calculate the number of contracts you want to buy or sell. In Digex all you need is to create a strategy, specifying which % of your deposit to use and the system will automatically create each order to open and close positions. You can also enable automatic stop loss at break even. In Digex you can create bots of any complexity that will trade according to your strategies, or you can trade directly from the order book using 1-click trade function, or via telegram.

5) You may also like the possibility of hedging: in Bitmex it is impossible to open a position in the opposite direction under the same contract (for example, XBTUSD perpetual swap) without closing the previous position. In Digex we made it possible, you can even create several strategies for one trading pair in the same direction (this option is not available at any other futures exchange).

6) Passive income. You can earn money in Digex without trading, simply by turning on the mirror trading function or by staking.

7) Bitmex does not have its own token; in Digex all active traders receive DIGEX tokens for active trading absolutely free of charge.

8) In Digex each user can create his own trade competition in the "Trade Battles" section and invite their friends to participate.

9) Digex aggregates liquidity from large exchanges (such as Binance, Deribit, Bitmex, Okex, Huobi, etc.)

10) In Digex you can create templates with predefined strategies. Templates allow the user to create several orders which open the position with multiple take-profit orders and a stop-loss order with one click from the order book (in Bitmex you can create only one order with one click from the order book).

Я заказал вывод средств, а он еще не пришел

В целях безопасности мы храним средства на холодных кошельках, а также на крупный биржах, где хэджируются позиции. Все заявки на вывод проверяются администрацией вручную на предмет отсутствия злоупотреблений и нарушения правил, а также корректности начисления прибыли (т.к. биржа недавно запущена, глюки не исключены и мы должны все проверить в целях безопасносьти). Проверка осуществляется по рабочим дням. Обычно вывод производится на следующий рабочий день после заявки. Если Вы не получили вывод или Ваша заявка отменена, Вам необходимо связаться с администрацией сервиса для прояснения причины и ее устранения с помощью тикетов или телеграм-бота поддержки @DigexSupportBot. Не следует публиковать в официальных телеграм-группах сервиса гневные сообщения, т.к. это непродуктивно. Пожалуйста, внимательно изучите правила сервиса.

Affiliate program

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