Join Telegram is a new BTC-futures exchange with:

  • Rebates for makers and takers
  • Built-in bots and strategies
  • Trade-mirroring (free)
  • 1-second chart
  • Dynamic take-profits
  • Break-even stop-loss
  • No funding fee
  • Staking: up to 0.4% daily
  • 1-click trading via templates/Telegram

Zero trading fees

We have entirely got rid of the trading fees and funding fees

No overloads

We process thousands of trades per sec.without any overloads

Bots and strategies

Built-in customizable bots can make you money while you sleep


We are the first exchange to offer 2FA both via Telegram and Google


You can follow most successful traders and copy their trades


We offer fast and easy way to trade via Telegram

The DIGEX token

You will get DIGEX tokens for free for your trading activity as rebates

Risk management

Built-in tools make it a lot harder to lose much in each trade

Trade battles

You can create a trade battle and invite familiar traders to participate


You can set up templates to launch a strategy with 1 click


Large orders can be transmitted to other exchanges via API

Passive income

Get passive income with staking (up to 0.4% daily)

Crypto derivatives exchanges compared

Digex Bitmex Deribit Bybit Binance Digitex OKEx
Trading without overloads
Leverage of up to 125x
Makers rebates for limit orders
Takers rebates for market orders
Anti-slippage system
Built-in bots for auto trading
Built-in mirror-trading
Several long or short positions simultaneously for 1 contract
Isolated margin
Cross-margin (whole deposit at risk)
No risk of auto-deleveraging
High commission upon liquidation (maintenance margin)
You can withdraw without limits with no KYC
You can trade via Telegram
Automatic stop-losses when in brake-even
You can average position to improve entry price
Auto-trading using levels, indicators, Tradingview signals
Option "keep on top of orderbook"
Liquidity aggregation
Trade battles
Dynamic take-profits
1-click trades from orderbook
Strategy templates
Native exchange token
Balance in BTC
High passive income from staking without liquidation risk
1-30 seconds chart
Digex Bitmex Deribit Bybit Binance Digitex OKEx

Digex combines liquidity of all major derivatives exchanges

At the moment, we have already connected several of the largest derivatives exchanges via API to Digex to broadcast orders if necessary. We will regularly connect new exchanges at the request of our users in order to provide the highest possible liquidity.

Affiliate program

Join our affiliate program and get and make 20-30% of all profit, lifetime! If your friend makes 1 btc profit from his trades, you will get 0.02-0.03 btc. This is much more than other exchanges can offer. You will also get 2-level referral commission.

This is the best way to make money with zero capital involved.

1Register a Digex account and create a unique referral link
2Send referral link to your friend.
3Your friend clicks the link.
4He registers at Digex and you make 20-30% of all profit, lifetime